Potinara Carrousel ‘Crimson Triumph’ FCC/AOS received the highest award from the American Orchid Society - A real beauty!

This select plant (at right) is an IN SHEATH, blooming-sized division in a 4" pot.

 Potinara Carrousel ‘Crimson Triumph’ FCC/AOS
     =(C. Leila Aronson x Pot. Red Lava)
A very generous friend from Spokane Washington gave us a piece of his plant several years ago and when we bloomed it, we were amazed. It might be the best cattleya in our collection. It has everything you want in a good hybrid; intermediate size, compact growth, great fragrance and large colorful, crystalline flowers that are borne up to three times a year. If I were to have to keep only one Cattleya type, this may well be it (it got that FCC from the AOS for a reason!).

Potinara Carrousel ‘Crimson Triumph’ FCC/AOS - select plant - blooming-sized division in 4" pot - and it's in sheath!