Paphiopedilum wardii f. alboviride - the stiking yellow/green form of this lovely slipper orchid

 Paphiopedilum wardii f. alboviride
     These plants are a product of two-step breeding; Terry Root (Orchid Zone Nursery) crossed an alba form of wardii with the “standard” color form. We acquired some of these plants, all of which bloomed with the “standard” color. We took two of these plants and crossed them. The result has been a 50/50 mix of the alboviride form and the standard one. This process, which takes two generations, yields stronger, more vigorous plants of the alba form. The “standard” form of wardii has OUTSTANDING patterned foliage (both top and bottoms of the leaves). The alboviride plants lack the speckling on the undersides of the leaves, but the topside is just beautiful.