Zelenkoa onusta ‘Tristan’ - -brilliant yellow flowers on this beautiful miniature plant are a treat to see!

 Zelenkoa onusta ‘Tristan’
     Now in a genus all on its own, these were previously called Oncidium onustum (we’ve finally gotten all the tags changed!). My husband found this plant on the society sales table at a show in Oregon and had to “sweet talk” me into letting him try it. It was a pathetic looking little plant—five freckeled bulbs with two leaves—it looked more like a candidate for the compost bucket. He grew it for two years and every time the new growth held the promise of flowers, they rotted. Finally someone told him that he must be watering it all year round; right? Well as soon as the next set of bulbs reached maturity, he cut back on the water and was rewarded with seven spikes of brilliant, solid yellow flowers that lasted for many weeks. After that lesson, he began to bloom it annually. This plant will bring delight to any grower that will respect its need for dormancy. The pseudobulbs are so “cool” looking, too!